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Do You Have Black Stains On Your Roof?

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We apply a specially formulated, proprietary cleaning solution that includes powerful but safe ingredients that kill algae, mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria and grime on your roof.

Roof algae along with bacteria affects your home and its value along with your heath. The algae and bacteria growing over your roof can spread by airborne to your other neighbors and into the air that you breathe. These contaminates can affect your allergies and your respiratory conditions.

Even after two years the roof is still clean!

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Star Roof Cleaning

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How Does It Work?

5 Good Reasons to Clean your Roof!

1. Aesthetics - keep your home beautiful and enjoy pride of ownership…

2. Roof Longevity - maximize the life& save money not replacing your roof…

3. Value - protect your investment and make more money…

4. Health – mold causes allergies, a clean roof promotes a healthy home…

5. Energy Cost – a stained roof causes higher energy bills, clean it and save money!


Star Roof Cleaning  is a family owned and operated business since 2009. Mike and his crew have years of experience in effectively cleaning hundreds of roofs both tile and shingles.

Star Roof Cleaning  prides itself in quality work at below average prices to pass the savings on to the customers.

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Star Roof Cleaning

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We have successfully cleaned 


 of roofs and we are a licensed and insured company for your protection.

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Making homes look beautiful is our passion. We love our customers and the smiles on their faces when they see the end results.

Pressure washing voids the roof manufacturers warranty and can damage your roof!

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